ADAPT operationalizes the HIDTA Prevention Strategy, uniting HIDTA prevention programming across the nation. ADAPT assists HIDTAs with translating, implementing, and evaluating substance use prevention strategies within their unique communities.

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What Works
(and Doesn’t Work)
in Substance Use Prevention

Join us for a discussion with Dr. Robert LaChausse on the most (and least) effective strategies in substance use prevention.

July 14th, 20201
3:30-5:00pm EST

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Annual HIDTA Prevention Summit

October 7 – 8, 2021

Fundamentals of Substance Use Prevention Webinar Series

Now archived on the ADAPT YouTube channel.


Evidence-Based Practice Spotlight Series

The EBP Spotlight Series promotes the use of evidence-based substance use prevention strategies throughout HIDTA communities by:

  • Introducing the concepts of evidence-based practice and evidence appraisal; and
  • Showcasing programs, practices, and strategies considered to be best (and emerging) practices.